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AGU, Day 3 (posted 15 Dec 2010)

##My Poster Was Today.

I’m really tired, but I got to talk to a lot of cool people about it. People seemed understanding regarding the fact that I didn’t have Actual Data yet, which was something I was worried about. My graphics ended up working out well, though a lot of people pulled this number as they walked by:

I actually found it amusing.

One other thing that’s cool: I happened to talk about my poster with a researcher that doesn’t necessarily agree with the assumption that snow is anisotropic with regards to thermal conductivity, which is the focus of my thesis. Running into disagreement wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, though—in fact, I found our discussion really rewarding. It turns out that, as a researcher myself, we instead had a sort of discussion and exchange of ideas about how and why we would expect certain results for a given experiment. Instead of being told I’m wrong, we are simply making different, similarly-valid hypotheses, either of which could end up winning out. In fact, my method should be able to produce evidence to support the correct hypothesis.

So, instead of feeling dumber, I feel more relevant.