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hoarders no longer on npm (posted 15 Feb 2013)

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08:21 < isaacs> jesusabdullah: so... bad news.
08:21 < isaacs> jesusabdullah: i think we're going to have to kill hoarders.
08:21 < isaacs> jesusabdullah: probably going to put a limit of like 5000 dependencies in a package.
08:22 < fotoverite> Noooo! IT's taking up too much space in the database?
08:22 < isaacs> jesusabdullah: every time there's a change to teh hoarders doc, it takes like 30 seconds for views to finish recompiling.
08:22 < isaacs> fotoverite: no, not space, it's taking up too much time in the database.
08:22 < isaacs> jesusabdullah: i have a bunch of views that walk through all the deps in every package, making links and such
08:22 < fotoverite> Time exists in a database. :P Wow
08:23 < isaacs> i just starred and unstarred it.
08:23 < isaacs> just because the doc was touched, couch had to do a ton of work, and it was like.. not trivial.
08:23 < isaacs> maybe 30 seconds of downtime or so.
08:23 < defunctzombie> hahaha
08:23 < ralphtheninja> lol
08:24 < isaacs> most things still would work fine, but anything that hit a view (search, stars, last updated, etc.) was awol
08:24 < chrisdickinson> split into multiple packages and then make one package that requires each hoarders subset?
08:24 < isaacs> chrisdickinson: yeah, i think jesusabdullah will still be able to "install every package" just fine
08:24 < ralphtheninja> star/unstar/star/unstar/star/unstar .. the new ddos attack :)
08:24 -!- mikolalysenko [] has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds]
08:24 < fotoverite> Maybe the joke has run its course though
08:24 < isaacs> but it'll have to be like a hoarders-a hoarders-b hoarders-c...
08:25 < jesusabdullah> isaacs: I see
08:25 < fotoverite> I think the new one is creating the package NO that removes core things from node and put it outside itself. And then allows nothing else to be required. :P
08:25 < jesusabdullah> isaacs: It's not worth it to me to do anything fancy to get around that, so like
08:25 < isaacs> jesusabdullah: i'm going to push the update to limit the number of deps
08:25 < isaacs> jesusabdullah: but... it's your dog. you wanna be the one to put him down?
08:25 < jesusabdullah> isaacs: npm unpublish?
08:25 < isaacs> (yeah, it's not like hoarders was ever anything but a joke anyway)
08:26 < isaacs> jesusabdullah: with the -f
08:26 < isaacs> or --gangsta
08:26 < jesusabdullah> a'ight
08:26 < isaacs> go with --gangsta
08:26 < isaacs> it's hella tight
08:26 < fotoverite> Yes go with gangsta
08:26 < ralphtheninja> :)
08:26 < ralphtheninja> I can't watch
08:27 < isaacs> it's ok hoarders... we're gonna go out to a nice farm. and you'll have room to run.... and rabbits to chase.....
08:27 < jesusabdullah> isaacs: doing my best to unpublish, internet here really sucks
08:27  * isaacs sniff
08:27 < jesusabdullah> isaacs: you can pass a git url to npm yeah?
08:27 < isaacs> jesusabdullah: yeah
08:27 < jesusabdullah> isaacs: npm install git+ssh://and-so-on
08:28 < isaacs> jesusabdullah: i'm unpublishing it
08:28 < isaacs> jesus, even just getting the doc is insane
08:29 < jesusabdullah> isaacs: ouch
08:31 < isaacs> ok, i unpublished it
08:31 < isaacs> $ npm unpublish hoarders --gangsta
08:31 < isaacs> npm WARN using --force I sure hope you know what you are doing.
08:31 < isaacs> <3 that warning ^
08:31 < isaacs> i'ts so OMINOUS!
08:34 < isaacs>       if (++n > max)
08:34 < isaacs>         assert(false, "too many deps.  please be less ridiculous.")
08:34 < isaacs> lol
08:34 < isaacs> can't wait for someone to post a bug about that

I guess this means the haters won. But not really. In the end, I like to think we all won. <3

Plus, you can still install hoarders using the github repo.